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Saturday, February 19, 2011

President's Day: What's open and closed?

* The US Postal Service offices will be closed Monday.

* Alachua County Library District headquarters and district branches will be open Monday.
*Banks and credit unions will be closed Monday.

* Trash collection will be in service Monday. The Hazardous Waste Center at the Leveda Brown Environmental Park will also be open Monday.

* The Alachua County Courthouse, State Attorney's Office and Property Appraiser's Office will be open Monday.

* The Tax Collector's Office and Supervisor of Elections Office will be closed Monday.

* All city and county offices will be open Monday.

* RTS bus service will run Monday. ADA para-transit services, including transportation for dialysis appointments, will run Monday.

* The University of Florida and Santa Fe College will be open Monday. Alachua County schools will be closed Monday. Classes will resume Tuesday.

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